Affordable, state-of-the-art skin cancer screening appointments available nationwide

Get your moles, lesions and blemishes examined to give you peace of mind and detect any problems early. We guarantee results within 5 days of your appointment.

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Immediate appointments available in certain locations

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Expert-led treatment by consultant skin specialists

Skin Cancer Screening, Mole Checking and Mole Removal Services

Whether you are concerned about a suspicious mole, or keen to keep a close eye on all your skin changes, our professional team of dedicated skin cancer specialists at SkinHealth UK can provide you with the reassurance that you will receive the correct diagnosis in a timely fashion. For the small number of patients diagnosed with skin cancer, a proactive approach is more likely to lead to less treatment and an improved cosmetic and overall outcome.

Our Skin Cancer services are made up of two different clinics



This service is for anyone with concerns about new or growing moles. This involves a detailed examination of your moles, and a complete skin examination, to give you peace of mind and ensure early detection of any problems.

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Once it has been established that you have a mole which needs to be removed, you can book an appointment at our OneStop clinics. Moles removed within the clinic will be sent to a pathologist for interpretation.

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Thank you so much. An incredibly reassuring visit. I came away feeling that someone had finally taken my concerns seriously and checked every mole thoroughly. I also learnt a great deal and feel more confident when examining my skin.

Claire – November, 2017

Very professional and welcoming. I was immediately put at ease. On the spot feedback which was very reassuring followed up by a letter explaining my results the following morning. A very prompt and efficient consultation – the best £175 I have ever spent to get peace of mind. Thank you.

Danielle – November 2017

Very good appointment. Everything explained clearly. Provided with good information. The check up was very thorough. I felt comfortable throughout the whole appointment.

Carrie – November, 2017

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Skin Cancer Information

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Skin Cancer Prevention

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Skin Cancer Pictures

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