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2nd Opinion Skin Clinic

Our 2nd Opinion clinic is the next step for those who have had a mole screening at one of our SkinCheck clinics and the results have found abnormalities that need further investigation. Here you can see a dermatologist who will investigate suspicious moles further. This is a 15-20 minute check of lesions and, if necessary, the dermatologist is able to prescribe creams or other topical treatments.

Our 2nd Opinion skin cancer diagnosis and treatment clinics are also open to patients who have already had a mole check with another private provider or the NHS, and further investigation has been found to be necessary. Should the 2nd Opinion check establish that the removal of skin moles are required, this can be carried out at our OneStop clinics.

Our One-Stop clinics can provide mole removal services should it be established from the 2nd Opinion check that this is required.

2nd Opinion Prices
Prices for the 2nd Opinion skin cancer diagnosis and treatment sessions are from £320. Please contact Us for prices in your area.

At present we operate clinics in London but we are rolling out new clinics across the country. Please contact Us to find out the nearest clinic to you.

If you want regular screening for skin cancer
OneStop Clinic
If you are worried you may have skin cancer
2nd Opinion
If you have a lesion which needs further investigation
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