Thank you so much. An incredibly reassuring visit. I came away feeling that someone had finally taken my concerns seriously and checked every mole thoroughly. I also learnt a great deal and feel more confident when examining my skin.

Claire – November, 2017

Very professional and welcoming. I was immediately put at ease. On the spot feedback which was very reassuring followed up by a letter explaining my results the following morning. A very prompt and efficient consultation – the best £175 I have ever spent to get peace of mind. Thank you.

Danielle – November 2017

Very good appointment. Everything explained clearly. Provided with good information. The check up was very thorough. I felt comfortable throughout the whole appointment.

Carrie – November, 2017

Such a painless experience, appointment on time, health check thorough and professional, communication clear, advice and warning given.

Jacqui – November, 2017

So professional and thorough, came away feeling reassured and educated on what to look out for. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Anon – November, 2017

Nothing needs improving. Everything was perfect. Very happy. Olivia

Olivia – November, 2017

An excellent friendly and accessible service. Very professional. I intend to have a check up in 12 months. Way more impressive than NHS (in my opinion)

Brian – November, 2017

Very easy to book, very friendly service and great location.

Joanna – June, 2017

Very thorough check. Nice lady who seemed not to want to miss anything. Very conscientious indeed.

Susan – June 2017

Very friendly and professional service.

Tom – June, 2017

Pleased to meet the same member of staff as at my previous check and got on well with her so it was a pleasant experience.

Anne – June, 2017

Excellent service and professional staff. Can’t think of any areas for improvement.

Mick – June, 2017

The woman that examined me was really thorough and friendly. She made me feel at ease and relaxed and I trusted her.

Lauren – June, 2017