“Skinhealth health check was carried out very professionally and all my questions were answered satisfactorily. So keep on doing the excellent work! ”

Henk – February 2019

“The practitioner I met was extremely knowledgeable on the topic of skin care, her examination made me feel at ease and I was reassured when she talked me through how to take good care of my skin. A top service, thank you. ”

Anon – February 2019

“Easy, quick, friendly, knowledgeable. Fast follow up. Worth the fee for the peace of mind!”

Alex – February 2019

Thorough and very professional – everything well explained

Anon – January 2019

Excellent check very thorough. Not sure how this could be improved.

Chris – January 2019

Very professional service, the nurse was informative and put me at ease for the consultation.

Wendy – January 2019

I have no suggestions for improvement, the whole experience was very positive, from the ease of booking, the very helpful lady that helped me reschedule the appointment and the nurse on the day who was friendly, professional and knowledgeable. Thank you.

Tove – November 2018

I can’t think of anything that could improve on the service I received. Very friendly both reception and nurse. On consultation the nurse was both informative and helpful, very easy to talk to. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending this service.

Alison – November 2018

The clinic environment was new and clean. I was able to bring my husband along who wished to learn what to look out for. The appointment was unhurried, very informative and extremely professional. I have already recommended the service to my colleagues at work. Thank you!

David – November 2018

A very thorough examination. Was expecting a 25 minute appointment but it was more like 45 minutes. Helpful advice on what to look out for was also given. The Consultant’s report arrived the same evening which was much sooner than expected

Hugo – November 2018

Was good to get the educational side so I can use knowledge gained personally and for my family.

Ian – November 2018

Very polite and efficient service on the phone and the nurse consultation

Brian – November 2018

Friendly, helpful and knowledgeable. That’s all you want, really and that’s what I got. Good job and worth the money.

Rob – November 2018

Personally don’t think there’s anything to improve on. The advice and service I received was of a very high and professional standard

Kev – November 2018

There is nothing that required improvement. I was extremely happy with everything related to this service and I have already recommended the service to a family member and to a friend.

A. Nel – November 2018

Great way to understand the difference between mole types and ease of mind if concerned about any skin discolouring

Sara – November 2018

Very impressed by booking service and by service provided by nurse at the check

Ruth – November 2018

Excellent service. Was made to feel very welcome at the clinic. Had a thorough examination, all my questions were answered, the clinician explained herself well. I felt totally at ease. Thank you!

Jane – July 2018

The nurse was very pleasant and knowledgeable and explained things in laymans terms so easy to understand.

Cheryl – May 2018

I was very happy with the service received I was seen as soon as I arrived and the nurse I saw was lovely and friendly and made me feel very relaxed.

Corinne – March 2018

Great service and really welcoming and knowledgeable nurse who talked me through everything and helped me understand exactly what was being done, why and to understand how to better protect and check myself in the future.

Nikolas – March 2018

Nothing to improve – seen quickly and on time. Nurse was polite, helpful and reassuring. Results provided very quickly!

Gemma – March 2018

Would highly recommend…. Very professional and thorough screening service.   

Jane – March 2018

I was worried about a mole but could not see a GP for a month. I decided to give this service a try. Although my appointment was running late, the nurse was very good and she reassured me. Once more, I received my results letter from the Consultant the same day, which was very impressive.…

Alice – March 2018

The lady performing the check identified a couple of moles that she thought warranted further investigation. Clearly this made me a little nervous, so what really helped was how quickly I got the report, with a consultant having reviewed the photographs taken.

Charlotte – March 2018

The nurse was really nice and very approachable, appointment was found very quickly and results came through soon – perfect thanks.

Susan – March 2018

Super efficient, and easy to book. Very professional nurse who explained things well.  

Robin – March 2018

The lady performing the check identified a couple of moles that she thought warranted further investigation. Clearly this made me a little nervous, so what really helped was how quickly I got the report, with a consultant having reviewed the photographs taken.  

Charlotte – March 2018

Quick and efficient, with results back in a matter of a few days.   

Jennifer – March 2018

It was a quick and easy service that I would recommend to anyone to have, especially if they have numerous moles or freckles. 

Julie – March 2018

An excellent friendly and accessible service. Very professional. I intend to have a check up in 12 months. Way more impressive than NHS (in my opinion)

Brian – November, 2017

Nothing needs improving. Everything was perfect. Very happy. Olivia

Olivia – November, 2017

So professional and thorough, came away feeling reassured and educated on what to look out for. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

Anon – November, 2017

Such a painless experience, appointment on time, health check thorough and professional, communication clear, advice and warning given.

Jacqui – November, 2017

Very good appointment. Everything explained clearly. Provided with good information. The check up was very thorough. I felt comfortable throughout the whole appointment.

Carrie – November, 2017

Very professional and welcoming. I was immediately put at ease. On the spot feedback which was very reassuring followed up by a letter explaining my results the following morning. A very prompt and efficient consultation – the best £175 I have ever spent to get peace of mind. Thank you.

Danielle – November 2017

Thank you so much. An incredibly reassuring visit. I came away feeling that someone had finally taken my concerns seriously and checked every mole thoroughly. I also learnt a great deal and feel more confident when examining my skin.

Claire – November, 2017

The woman that examined me was really thorough and friendly. She made me feel at ease and relaxed and I trusted her.

Lauren – June, 2017

Excellent service and professional staff. Can’t think of any areas for improvement.

Mick – June, 2017

Pleased to meet the same member of staff as at my previous check and got on well with her so it was a pleasant experience.

Anne – June, 2017

Very friendly and professional service.

Tom – June, 2017

Very thorough check. Nice lady who seemed not to want to miss anything. Very conscientious indeed.

Susan – June 2017

Very easy to book, very friendly service and great location.

Joanna – June, 2017